Ayung Garden Restaurant

along Ayung River at The Royal Pita Maha in Ubud

Cocooned by lush valley greenery, Ayung Garden Restaurant is a charming dining pavilion located at the edge of Ubud’s picturesque Ayung River. It is adjacent to a man-made lagoon in a tropical landscape that incorporates mature trees and organically grown fruit and vegetables.

An eco-friendly design concept connects Ayung Garden Restaurant to the timeless beauty of nature. With no outer walls, it embraces the outdoors and is kept cool by a cross-ventilation system that harnesses the soft caress of river breeze.

Open Daily 07:00 - 18:00 (L/O 17:30)

ayung garden restaurant exterior
ayung garden restaurant riverside
ayung garden restaurant
ayung garden restaurant
ayung garden restaurant in front of ayung river
ayung garden restaurant
ayung garden restaurant with lagoon pool
ayung garden restaurant with view
ayung garden restaurant open table
ayung garden restaurant carp

Healthy Cuisine

Ayung Garden Restaurant serves a curated plant-based menu of delicious cuisine with a special emphasis on health and nutrition. Many local ingredients are grown onsite and guests can sit and watch our team of in-house farmers as they cultivate the land.

To complement the resort’s wellness program of lifestyle activities, Ayung Garden Restaurant offers a dedicated menu of fresh juices and herbal tonics.

The bar also specializes in gourmet teas and exotic blends of coffee. Appetites are satisfied at Ayung Garden Restaurant with nourishing food that that is pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Chef Wira is always more than happy to prepare special dishes for guests with specific dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Seared Scallop Three Ways  IDR.100,000
pan fried scallop, watercress, red radish, tomato and beetroot, pumpkin, avocado puree with pesto dressing

Zucchini Cannelloni  IDR. 90,000
sauted crabs meat, mayonnaise rolled with zucchini layer, served with dice melon, yogurt and herbs dressing

Heirloom Tomato Salad (Vegitarian)  IDR. 90,000
heirloom tomato wedges, beetroots, arugula lettuce, dice red paprika, and feta cheese with basil dressing (Vegitarian)

Beetroot Salad (Vegitarian)  IDR. 70,000
roasted beetroot, radhiscio lettuce and feta cheese with red wine sauce (Vegitarian)

Mango Salad (Vegitarian)  IDR. 70,000
mixed of mango, white yam, cucumber and lettuce with brown sugar mint dressing (Vegitarian)

Healthy Salad (Vegitarian)  IDR. 70,000
roasted beetroots, red radhis, lentil, arugula lettuce and creme fraiche served with basil cilantro dressing

Authentic Eggplant Salad  IDR. 70,000
grilled eggplant marinated with sambal served with tomato salsa, beetroot, choko leave and green peas puree


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and subject to 21% service charge & government tax

Cauliflower Almond Soup  IDR. 90,000
cauliflower, oat, almond and cream with sauted chicken

Butternut Squash  IDR. 90,000
butternut, apple puree, cinnamon and brown sugar served with garlic bread

Roasted Vegetable Soup  IDR. 90,000
pure of pumpkin and sweet potato enhanced with vanilla essence

Warming Carrot Ginger and Turmeric Soup  IDR. 90,000
puree of carrot, ginger juice, turmeric and black sesame served with carrot crackers

Organic Ayung Garden Soup  IDR. 80,000
puree of beetroot, sweet potato and ginger juice served with sweet potato crackers

Green Peas Mint Soup  IDR. 80,000
green peas, potato puree, fresh mint leave and cream

Sweet Purple Potato Soup  IDR. 70,000
fresh puree sweet potato, cinnamon and cream served with crouton


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and subject to 21% service charge & government tax

Grilled Beef Tendeloin Steak  IDR.280,000
grilled australian premium beef tenderloin steak served with green puree, baby potato, asparagus, watercress, and demiglace sauce

Lamb Rack  IDR.260,000
grilled australian lamb rack served with sweet purple potato, quail egg, broccoli, tomato cherry, frisee salad and saffron sauce

Grilled Salmon  IDR.250,000
grilled tasmanian salmon with mashed potato, broccoli, asparagus and citrus sauce

Pork Ribs  IDR.180,000
grilled pork ribs served with cauliflower puree, mashed sweet potato, salad and barbeque sauce

Grilled Dory Fish  IDR.120,000
grilled dory fish with mixed mashed potato, water spinach, cream, shallot & chili relish

Chicken Kebab  IDR.120,000
chicken, capsicum, mushroom skewer with young potato, salad and barbeque sauce

Pan Fried Snapper Fillet  IDR.120,000
with beetroot puree, lentil, apple and dill butter sauce

Chicken Terrine  IDR. 90,000
rolled chicken, herbs and mushroom served with local spinach, red radish and saffron sauce

Baked Herb Mushroom and Cheese  IDR.90,000
served with mashed potato, vegetables and pine nut emulsion sauce


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and subject to 21% service charge & government tax

Penne  IDR.165,000
penne pasta with pan fried marinated chicken breast and beetroot ragout

Ravioliensp;  IDR.150,000
ravioli of pumpkin and melty cheese with spinach cream topped by fried fern tips

Mushroom Rague  IDR.120,000
fettuccini served with mixed mushroom, herbs and cream sauce

Spaghetti Avocado Pesto  IDR.120,000
spaghetti, sweet corn and tomato cherry with avocado pesto sauce

Rigatoni  IDR.100,000
blanched of rigatoni served with pumpkin seed and pumpkin cream sauce

Arancini  IDR.100,000
deep fried mixed risotto, spinach and cheese ball served with tomato concasse

Zhuccini Lasagna  IDR.100,000
zhuccini layer, vegetables, feta cheese and cream with herb pesto sauce


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and subject to 21% service charge & government tax

Home Made Purple Potato Ice Cream and Mango Sorbet  IDR.90,000
on chunky fruit compote with chocolate sauce

Sticky Mango Rice  IDR. 80,000
sticky rice ball, dried coconut, black sesame seed and brown sugar with mango sauce

Gingered Carrot Cake  IDR. 80,000
served with caramel strawberry, mango and strawberry sauce

Black Sticky Rice  IDR. 80,000
black sticky rice cake on basil ice cream with caramelized banana and chocolate stick

Beetroot Panna Cotta  IDR. 80,000
extrat beetroot mixed with cream and vanilla, served with granola, strawberry and beetroot sauce

Heart Churros  IDR. 80,000
heart churros bread, cinnamon and icing sugar served with whipping cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce

Lemon Tart  IDR. 70,000
served with local fruit, strawberry sauce and chocolate stick


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and subject to 21% service charge & government tax


The plate consists of Chicken and Cheese Parnir, Asparagus and Beef Bacon Rolls, French Toast Comes along with Tartare, Strawberry Jam and Saffron Sauce



Array of Tighten Smoked Chicken, Avocado and Red Capsicum, Cheese Rolls with Strawberry Jam and Breaded Prawn



Compound of Chicken and Cheese Nugget, Pancake with Fruit Compotes and Avocado Mousse          


Cooking Class

A Balinese Cooking Class conducted at Ayung Garden Restaurant takes participants on a flavourful journey that unveils the culinary secrets of local cuisine. It is a hand-on experience that includes a foraging tour of our garden to source the freshest possible ingredients.